We think our pub menu speaks for itself.

Discover soulful, homemade pub fare with a fabulous drink menu.


GF gluten-free suggestions

PUB BREAD blue cheese blend, tomatoes, garlic, balsamic drizzle  10.89

POLLIWOG DIP GF  warm pimento cheese dip, pulled pork, bbq sauce, tortilla chips  8.43

PIMENTO CHEESE PLATE GF  homemade pimento cheese, carrots, celery, tortilla chips  9.46

WINGS* GF  Old Bay hot, mild, cherry BBQ, dirty blue, Thai garlic.  Served with carrots, celery and ranch or blue cheese  (4) Wings 7.99 (8) Wings 14.78

PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY WINGS*  Thai peanut sauce, Reese’s peanut butter, Smucker’s jelly, chopped peanuts  16.25

CHORIZO DISCO FRIES  Cajun dusted fries, Chorizo gravy, cheddar & pepper jack, green onion, sinful mayo  11.38    Add an over-easy egg  .95

PRETZEL served with Wasabi mustard   one  7.74   two 11.95  Add Cheese Sauce 2.00

ROASTED RED PEPPER (cup) with gouda 4.25

SWEET ONION BISQUE (cup) with sherry  3.95

CALIMARI lightly breaded, tossed in sweet Thai chili sauce, with shishito peppers, banana peppers, topped with peanuts and lemon aioli  14.93

GF gluten-free suggestions

Our famous pecan chicken on top of a pecan buttermilk waffle, topped with honey pecan butter and syrup (subtle blend of hot sauce and maple syrup) 16.53

SMOKED CHILI VERDE with CHEDDAR GRITS  smoked pork chili verde, cheddar grits, cheddar & pepper jack cheese, diced tomatoes, red onions, sour cream, cilantro  13.46

MAD MUSHROOM PASTA chicken, mushrooms, spinach, cavatappi pasta, Parmesan cream sauce, pinch of cayenne  16.95    Sub shrimp (3)  19.89

GF SHRIMP & GRITS  w/ Tasso ham, green onions, cheddar cheese grits with a bbq drizzle  19.54

THAI SCORE!  pasta, chicken, chorizo, broccoli,  sweet & spicy sauce, cilantro, peanuts 14.95

FISH ‘N CHIPS*  ale-battered cod, fries, cole slaw   14.50

SHRIMP ‘N CHIPS  (9) butterflied shrimp, fries, cole slaw  17.95

CLAM ‘N CHIPS  fried clam strips, fries, cole slaw  14.95

SEAFOOD TRIO  1 piece cod, 3 butterflied shrimp, clam strips, fries, cole slaw  19.45

PORK TACOS* (2)  braised pork, Cuban rice, corn salsa, cilantro, sour cream; served with Cuban rice  11.95

SMOTHERED BURRITO*  smoked pork chili verde, rice, beans, cheddar, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, sour cream  15.95

BOULDERADO OMELETTE* GF  ham, sausage, bacon, chorizo, gouda, tater tots, rye toast.  Minus rye toast for gluten-free  12.45

Our ground chuck is locally sourced and ground daily.  Burgers are cooked medium to medium well and served with fries & pickles.   Make any of our burgers into a BURGER BOWL!    Give up your buns and fries and your  burger will be served as a salad at no charge.   All other sandwiches are served with fries & pickles unless otherwise noted.

BABB* bad @$$ bison burger with sautéed onions and mushrooms, blue cheese, A-1 and a sinful mayo 16.95

BAYOU BISON BURGER*  Cajun seasoned bison with lettuce, pepper jack cheese, cotton onions, BBQ sauce  16.45

BISON MUSHMONSTER*  bison burger, mushrooms, Swiss, gouda, Worchester, lettuce, garlic aioli  16.45

BISON DIABLO*  open faced on Texas toast, cheddar, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, green onion  15.95

3– CHEESE BISON*  bison burger cheddar, Swiss, gouda, LTO  16.95

FRENCH ONION BURGER*  Fork & knife rosemary burger, sweet onion bisque, Swiss & mozzarella smothered over a toasted bun  15.95   This burger is not available as a bowl option.

HANGOVER BURGER PART 1* cheeseburger served open-faced on Texas toast, bacon, over-easy egg.  Served with tater tots  14.87

HANGOVER BURGER PART 2* Thick sliced, German style bologna served open-faced on Texas toast with American cheese, bacon, an over-easy egg, Sriracha mayo & tator tots  14.87

HANGOVER BURGER PART 3* Thick sliced, German style bologna served open-faced on Texas toast with American cheese, bacon, an over-easy egg, Sriracha mayo & tator tots; topped with a katsu patty and onion bacon jam; served with tator tots  15.67

HANGOVER BURGER PART 4*  stacked cheeseburger AND thick sliced, German style bologna served open-faced on Texas toast with American cheese, bacon & and over-easy egg, Sriracha mayo & tator tots 16.84

THE JOLLY ROGER*  1/2 lb burger, peanut butter, cream cheese, bacon, jalapenos, strawberry preserves 14.95

QUITE-A-GOUDA BURGER*  double burger, bacon, caramelized onions, gouda, lettuce  14.95

THE BEAST*  1/2 lb burger, gouda, American, mozzarella, cherrywood bacon, cotton onions, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, mayo, disco sauce, fried egg.  Does not come with a side because it does not need it .  14.95

ALL AMERICAN* double cheeseburger on brioche roll with LTO  11.95

BITCHIN’ TRIPLE BACON CHEESEBURGER* 1/2 lb burger, 3 slices American cheese, 3 strips of bacon, bbq & mayo drizzle  14.95

THAI CHICKEN WRAP* pecan chicken, sweet chili sauce, lettuce, Asian slaw, red onions, peanuts  12.95

REUBEN* corned beef, Swiss, 1000 Island, kraut, grilled marble rye   12.95

BEER BATTERED COD* on brioche roll with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, tartar   11.95

SOUTHERN SIMPLE*  buttermilk fried chicken, shredded lettuce, mayo, pickles, brioche roll  11.95

BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH* fried chicken, mild buffalo sauce, lettuce, red onion, tomato, brioche roll, blue cheese on side  12.95

KATSU PIMENTO MELT fried house pimento cheese patty, gouda, lettuce, bacon onion jam, brioche bun  12.95

FRIED BOLOGNA SANDWICH thick sliced, German style bologna, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, grilled jalepenos & grilled onions  12.95

PUB CLUB turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, herb mayo on 9-grain toast 12.64

LOBSTER MAC Langostino lobster meat drizzled with a lemon aioli, Old Bay, and topped with a panko crumble  19.32

MAC-n-CHEESEBURGER* ground bison, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, ketchup, whole-grain mustard  16.95

PIG MAC* ham, sausage, chorizo, crunchy topping, Sriracha and mustard drizzle  12.95

NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN MAC * ranch mac ‘n cheese, Nashville hot chicken, Texas toast, pickles  13.95

CADILLAC MAC* smoked pork chili verde, fresh jalapenos, corn salsa, green Tabasco, corn tortilla crumbles  15.95

PULLED PORK MAC-n-CHEESE* with bourbon BBQ, panko crumbles   12.95

GF gluten-free suggestions

DRESSINGS: 1000 island, ranch, blue cheese, Italian, balsamic vinaigrette, avocado-cilantro ranch

SOUTHERN SUN SALAD* grilled chicken, corn salsa, red onion, tomatoes, cheddar, tortilla wedges, avocado-cilantro ranch dressing  12.95

CRICKET’S WEDGE with wet and dry blue, tomatoes, bacon, candied pecans, balsamic drizzle   9.95

PECAN CHICKEN SALAD* fresh greens, mandarins, dried cherries, candied pecans, blue cheese crumbles, balsamic vinaigrette   12.95

HOUSE SALAD GF fresh greens, tomato, red onion, cucumbers, cheddar, croutons   4.95 / 8.95

Protein Add-ons:    Chicken 5.15    Shrimp  6.99   Lobster 12.00   Smoked Pulled Pork 4.00




FRIES   3.45




BROWNIE SUNDAE  vanilla ice cream, chocolate, candied pecans, whipped cream and a cherry on top!   5.95

ICE CREAM FLOAT  2 scoops vanilla ice cream and your choice of Cherry soda or Root beer with whipped cream and of course, a cherry on top!  4.95

Saturdays & Sundays 11am-3pm

2 EGGS YOUR WAY PLATE 2 eggs your way, 3 pieces of bacon, toast & fruit 9.56

BREAKFAST STACK biscuit with sausage gravy topped with and over-easy egg & bacon 8.95

CORNED BEEF HASH corned beef & hash browns topped with two eggs your way, mozzarella, and multi-grain toast 11.25

FRENCH TOAST 3 pieces of Texas toast, strawberry preserves, powdered sugar, peanut butter whipped cream, 3 pieces of bacon, and fresh fruit 11.94

HILLBILLY BREAKFAST sausage gravy & biscuit, 2 eggs your way, bacon, potatoes, fresh fruit, and multi-grain toast 11.86

HUEVOS TOTS tater tots covered in cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, avocado ranch drizzle & a sprinkle of fresh cilantro; served with salsa & sour cream on the side 11.73

KENTUCKY HOT BREAKFAST ham, turkey, scrambled eggs, on Texas toast then smothered with and American-cheddar cheese sauce and topped with bacon & tomato 14.73

NOT BOB’S SAUSAGE GRAVY & BISCUITS ours is so smooth and tasty with sausage gravy & served with potatoes O’Brien 11.95

SILCO BREAKFAST BEAST waffle bun, burger, 2 sausage patties, ham, bacon, Gouda cheese, over-easy egg & hot honey 13.98

PUB BENEDICT 1 English muffin, ham, fresh spinach, 2 over-easy eggs & pimento cheese; served with potatoes O’Brien 13.21

WESTERN OMELETTE ham, green & red peppers, American & Swiss cheese; served with potatoes O’Brien, fresh fruit & rye toast. *No toast for Gluten-Free!  11.35




Angry Orchard 4.75 | Ciderboys Strawberry Magic 4.75 | Blue Moon 4.25 | Corona 4.25 | Corona Premier 4.25
Daura Damm 4.95 | Heineken 4.25 |  O’Doul’s 3.25 | Stella Artois 4.50 | PBR 16 oz. 2.95  | Budweiser 2.95 | Bud Light 2.95 | Coors Light 2.95 | Yuenling 4.25


#1  Bud Light

#2  Michelob Ultra

#3  Homestead Tenpenny 5.2%

#4  R.Shea Downtown Nut Brown Ale

#5  Little Fish Karmenfest Lager

#6  Bells No, Yeah Golden Ale

#7  Little Fish Stabby Cat IPA

#8  Bell’s Best Brown Ale

#9  Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale ABV 8.2%

#10  Cherry Street Cream Ale  ABV 5.4%

#11  ACE Guava Cider  5%

#12  Central Waters Mud Puppy Nitro Porter


Golden Apple-Tini   8.75 Goldschlager, Crown apple, Cranberry, Vanilla Liquer

Chocolate-Berry Fruit Cake  7.95 Godiva, Raspberry Liquer, Strawberry Puree, Bacardi Drongberry, Pinnacle Whipped & Cranberry Juice

The Black Berry Champagne Margarita  10.00   Tequila, blackberry brandy, muddle lime & blackberries, splash of sour mix and topped with champagne

The Big Dill Martini  8.75   house-infused hot pepper vodka, house-infused pickle vodka, pickle juice

Candy Cane Lane 9.50  Peppermint Rumchata, Frangelico, Vanilla Liquer, Whipped Cream

Berry-Mint Mule 8.00 Bourbon, Blackberry Brandy, Mint, Lime, Blackberries, Ginger Beer

Green Tea 8.75   Jameson, Peach Schnapps, Lemonade

Cherry Street Mule  8.00   Smirnoff cherry vodka, mango, orange, cherry

Hot Blue Woody 8.25  bourbon, blueberry, lime, mint, jalapenos

Kentucky Mule 7.75   bourbon, Grand Marnier, lime, orange

London Mule 7.75   gin, Elderflower, lemon

WHITES  6.45 / glass


Pinot Grigio


REDS  6.45 / glass



Pinot Noir

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